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Senior package offer for over 60's

You can enjoy the siesta in Sopron and the beneficial effects of the climatic health resort at a discounted price!
OFFER for our Guests over 60 years

Arrival: 25.04.2024. - 22.12.2024.
Minimum stay: 3 night(s)
from from 37 EUR/person/night

Spring in SZIESZTA

Relaxing spring in a cozy forest environment, Lőverek as a climatic spa, forest walks, faint spring sun rays...

Arrival: 18.03.2024. - 23.06.2024.
Minimum stay: 1 night(s)
from from 41,5 EUR/ person/ night

Szieszta Summer

An unforgettable vacation in a special natural environment with extended half board and FREE entry to Lőver Beach and Tómalomfürdő! You can refresh yourself in our own wellness department, go on a two-wheel trip around Lake Fertő, discover the cultural values of Sopron, or explore neighboring Austria!

Arrival: 23.06.2024. - 29.08.2024.
Minimum stay: 2 night(s)
from from 50 EUR/person/night

Szieszta Relax

Lőverek as a climatic health resort...

Lőverek in Sopron is located in Alpokalja, the crystal-clear, ozone-rich air of its forests, the pleasant alpine climate, and farming in the sun all promote regeneration and provide excellent refreshment. Everyone deserves a little refreshment and rest. Pamper yourself with the services of our Szieszta Wellness & Spa department. Wake up to the chirping of birds, wander along the surrounding forest tourist roads.
Arrival: 25.04.2024. - 22.12.2024.
Minimum stay: 2 night(s)
from 53 EUR/person/night

Happy Birthday

Is this day different from the others? You celebrate your birthday in our hotel, we will give you a present! Feel special on this wonderful day!
Arrival: 25.04.2024. - 22.12.2024.
Minimum stay: 2 night(s)
from 53 EUR/person/night