Esterhazy palace in Eisenstadt

Visit the Esterhazy palace in Eisenstadt!

kismarton-esterhazy-kastelyThe origin of this Esterhazy Palace dates back to a fortress of the 13th century, which had been rebuilt and enlarged over and over again later on. By today, the castle is a venue for cultural events and provides insight into the world of the Esterházy princes.

Esterházy Palace is the most important cultural monument of Austria's Burgenland province. Virtually, the princely past and the Esterházy’s life at court come to life in the sumptuously furnished luxurious rooms and halls. Since the time of receiving it back in 2010 after 40 years, the palace has been again the cultural centre and prominent scene of events of Esterhazy Private Foundation, where guests and visitors can choose from plentiful programmes and events.

Download the brochures about the actual exhibitions, programmes and events taken place in Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt (Kismarton).