Excursions by sightseeing train

Discover Sopron during a round trip by a sightseeing train!

P3957The train tour may provide detailed and comprehensive picture of the town and offers tips for the tourists on the opportunities worth visiting. It also introduces those locations far from the downtown, which cannot be accessible on foot.

Guest can get to know the sights during the programme without walking, at a leisurely speed, while they can look around, take photos and record videos uninterruptedly from the panoramic open-cars of the trip vehicles.

The information that can be heard during the voyage has been compiled by professionals working in tourism; it is interpreted by a TV announcer of a pleasant voice and the passengers can hear it from the speakers on the way.

Exciting stories, legends and anecdotes make the information-rich presentation of the sights picturesque; all are related to Sopron, the poncichters and the famous wine of Sopron.

The program lasts for 60 minutes.

Please contact about the schedule at our reception.