Programmes for class trips

History, culture, festivals and nature in one place

Everybody may find something to his/her liking from the programmes and attractions of Sopron and its surroundings, regardless of the age and field of interest. Spring Days, Kékfrankos Wine Festival, VOLT Festival, Festival Weeks or Harvest Days are just some of the interesting events among the year-round offers.

esterhazy-kismartonEsterházy Palace, Eisenstadt (Kismarton)

The origin of this Esterhazy Palace dates back to a fortress of the 13th century, which had been rebuilt and enlarged over and over again later on. By today, the castle is a venue for cultural events of high standard, and provides insight into the aristocratic world of the Esterházy princes.

Esterházy Palace is the most important cultural monument of Austria's Burgenland province. Virtually, the princely past and the Esterházy’s life at court come to life in the sumptuously furnished luxurious rooms and halls. The palace is a cultural centre even today: the building still provides the sumptuous scene for various celebrations and social events. Since the time of receiving it back on 1st January in 2010, after 40 years, the palace has been again the cultural centre and prominent scene of events of Esterhazy Private Foundation, where guests and visitors from different parts of the world can choose from plentiful programmes and events.

Lővér Adventure Park

Erdo_42829969Everybody is welcomed in the adventure park located in Lővérek, the hilly area of Sopron. If you are looking for a challenge, this is the place for you! We can offer a great adventure at different levels of difficulty on our tracks placed at different heights. You can test your courage on the aerial rope course fitted by 120 obstacles, and you can glide across the trees of the forest on the slide course.

Study Trail
An educational path is also ready for the visitors, even for school groups. It contains basic information about the forest and teaches the love and values of nature and about nature conservation interactively.

Aerial Rope Course
The course system is for all ages by the different elements of skill; it consists of 10 different courses in the tree canopy level. The height of the courses reaches even 9 meters. Everyone can choose the course appropriate for his/her physical condition the best. In addition to the family fun and recreation, the most difficult courses can provide experiences even for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Approximately 5,000 meters of wire rope was used for building up the courses; and if someone wants to go through all the stations, he or she has to prepare for a walk of one and a half kilometres.

In addition, the archery field, a climbing wall, climbing tree, barbeque and open-air stew-pot cooking possibilities also help a complete recreation.

Harrer Chocolate Workshop and Confectionery

The sweetly secret world of chocolate making is revealed in the pleasant milieu: all you have to do is to register yourself for a chocolate tasting.