Relax in Szieszta wellness center!

Oxygen therapy

Because there is no life without oxygen!

Oxygen therapy is inhalation of concentrated oxygen. The course will make you strong and healthy body, it strengthens the immune system and helps the body's own healing process.

We recommend everyone who is quick recuperation, relaxation in the hectic bustle of everyday life.


For beauty and health!

Perfect against muscle and joint disorders, sports injuries, various dorsal spine and limb pain, cardiovascular diseases, and allergic diseases. Excellent strengthens the immune system, increase the intensity of blood circulation, enhance the efficiency of the functioning of the heart. In the winter period and prevents the development of complications of flu. Detoxifies and consumption, and accelerates the healing of wounds. It can work wonders against cellulite, it tightens the skin effect and become more youthful. It has a positive influence on our mood, decreases stress and depression and prevention effort.

Ceragem massage

Against the pain and stress, with cause physical fatigue!

It combines light therapy, heat therapy, acupressure massage and healing effects. The hot stones are moving along the ridge line of the acupuncture points and stopping relax the muscles, heat and amplifies its effect. It opens the meridians and fills the body with energy healing, helping the Chi current vision.

Jade massage

Fill up with energy, improve mood and vitality!

The hot jade stone massage bed and built by radiant infrared heat combined effect of carbon sheets, and along the spine gently sliding motion advanced massage opens the meridians and fills the body with energy benefits. The rollers of acupressure points, stopping relax the muscles, thus helping to improve the functioning of the organs points.

Metabolism and improved communication between the cells. Strengthens the immune system, increases vitality, self-healing mechanism of the body is strengthened and gives elasticity to the spine. It improves the physical, mental and spiritual status.

sokabinSalt Salt room

Enjoy the salty sea air and the haling power of beauty!

The salt is a salt cabins evaporating part outwardly from: softens the skin, on the other hand by inhalation inflammatory effect.

The special microclimate good cure chronic respiratory diseases. Excellent for asthma, respiratory infections, sinusitis, allergies, skin diseases, nervous system, cardiovascular diseases treatment. Effective against fatigue and stress.

Aroma bath

Not just the tired body but also revitalizes the tired soul!

Essential oils bath, aromatherapy bath or most likely to be taken if our mood and general well-being we want to improve, or if you want to alleviate our physical and mental fatigue. But it can be useful even if they have a cold or musculoskeletal, gynecological abuse.

Fitness - wellness pricelist

Sole Massage 25' 3 900 HUF
Back Massage 25' 4 500 HUF
Aroma Massage 25' 4 900 HUF
Grapeseed Oil Massage 25' 4 900 HUF
Chocolate Massage 25' 5 900 HUF
Complete body Massage 50' 7 500 HUF
Refreshing/Relax Massage 50' 7 900 HUF
Grapessed Oil Relax Massage 50' 7 900 HUF

Other services
Jade massage 20' 1 500 HUF
Ceragem massage 40' 2 000 HUF
Oxygentherapy 60' 1 100 HUF
Infrasauna 30' 1 100 HUF
Aromabath 30' 1 100 HUF
Salt room 60' 800 HUF
Solarium 5' 450 HUF

Wellness packages

Refreshing Siesta - 3 000 HUF/person
1x Oxygentherapy 60'
1x Infrasauna 30'
1x Ceragem massage 40'
1x Solarium 10'

Vitalizing Siesta - 3 900 HUF/person
1x Oxygentherapy 60'
1x Infrasauna 30'
1x Solarium 10'
1x Ceragem massage 40'
1x Aromabath 30'

Perfect Siesta - 9 500 HUF/person
1x Oxygentherapy 60'
1x Infrasauna 30'
1x Solarium 10'
1x Ceragem massage 40'
1x Aromabath 30'
1x Complete body massage 50'

We retain the right for price modification. The prices are including the VAT.