Sopron Wein Region

fi_12 We are pleased to welcome you to the vineyards of Sopron! Visitors come to Sopron to enjoy the excellent Hungarian dishes offered by all the local restaurants, and also the wines of Sopron, generally regarded as among the best in Hungary. A specialty of the wine region is that in and around Sopron, wine cellars were not to be found in the vineyards, but under the vintners’ city dwellings. This was not only one of their privileges; it also meant greater security and protection.

Wine from the vineyards of Sopron can look back on a more than 2000 year old history. In the early 14th century the town already stood at the heart of Hungary’s most important wine growing region in Hungary, and its trade relations extended far beyond Hungary’s then borders. At that time the wines of Sopron were savoured in royal courts from France to Russia. From the 19th century on German vintners, known as “Poncichter” (the name comes from the word meaning bean grower), ensured that Sopron wines were famed far and wide.

Sopron’s vineyards cover about 1500 hectares (3,700 acres); while the best soil for growing grapes is on the slopes of the Lajta hills around Lake Fertő. The secret of the grapes cultivated around Lake Fertő is not the reflection of the water, but the fact that during the day warms the air above the lake and then wafts over the vineyards during the night. Fertőrákos, Kópháza, Balf, Fertőboz, Harka, Fertőszentmiklós and, since the year 2000, the area around Kőszeg are all counted among the vineyards of Sopron.

Some two thirds of Sopron wines are made from Kékfrankos. As the legend has it, in 1809 Napoleon’s soldiers could only buy wine from the local inhabitants for the more valuable blue Franc notes, which is why the best Sopron wine was given the name “Blue Franc” - Kékfrankos.

Apart from Kékfrankos, the Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir varieties are also used. The most popular white wine is Green Veltelini, although Chardonnay, Tramini, Zenit and Sauvignon Blanc are grown. The most prestigious variety is however Oliver Irsay, which continues to expand the acreage under cultivation. Specially valued is the Sopron wine produced from the Frühroter (“early red”) Veltelini. The climate around Sopron also allows grapes to be plucked in the late autumn, yielding sweet dessert wines.

gangl_pince It was a great pleasure for the region as well for the family that Gangl Winery was awarded the silver medal in the category under 10 ha on Bor és Piac (Wine & Market) Wine Magazine’s online contest "The Most Beautiful Vineyard in Hungary". After an audience vote, the top three candidates were visited by an eight-member professional jury who inspected the property, the cellar, and tasted the wines. The complex services were then evaluated.